Diamond bow ring in yellow gold

Autumn at The Antique Ring Shop

We hope you had a nice summer and that you are looking forward to the next season. Here at The Antique Ring Shop, we've had a great summer. A lot of our favorite pieces sold, many customers left our shop happy with their engagement ring and other antique and vintage jewelry. So, we did our best to get you beautiful new pieces. Let us take you through a few recent additions to our collection, and please keep an eye on our website and instagram... much more is coming soon!


Antique rings

Our shop is called The Antique Ring shop, so... we are the best shop in Amsterdam for antique rings. Here we have a terrific early 20th century sapphire and diamond ring in 18 carat white and yellow goldAnother new find: a bold antique gold signet ring that can be worn by men or women. A snake ring is a must-have for every antique jewelry lover... our latest snake ring is made of 18 carat gold and set with a ruby and a diamond.

Diamond rings

Diamond rings... can we ever have enough? Here are some of the latest gold and platinum rings with new or old diamonds. First, an elegant 18 carat yellow gold ring set with three 8/8 cut diamonds in platinum, and an inscription from Christmas 1939. Then, an antique marquise shaped ring in 14 carat white and yellow gold - and a classic, platinum half eternity band set with brilliant cut diamonds.

Three stone gold diamond ringMarquise shaped gold ring with diamondsPlatinum half eternity ring with diamonds
Other jewelry
Our customers know: we don't just have rings. We love beautiful earrings, brooches, bracelets and necklaces / pendants. Recently we got our hands on a gorgeous classic pair of gold earrings set with light colored, pink coral (also known as angel skin coral). A fresh and stylish gold bracelet, for men or women, made in 14 carat yellow gold. And a lovely and refined Dutch Art Nouveau style gold pendant set with three rose diamonds. 
Gold earrings with coralGold link braceletGold rose cut diamond pendant
Colored gemstone jewelry

Coloured stones are a girl's best friend. :) We are always on the hunt for the most special coloured gemstones in beautiful vintage and antique jewelry. Amongst our latest finds: a rectangular emerald cut ruby, set with two baguette cut diamonds in a 14 carat white gold ring. An attractively decorated rose gold ring with a marquise shaped piece of green jade, this color combination is divine! And then, cute as a button: an antique ring in 14 carat yellow gold set with an oval cabochon cut piece of coral. 

Things we will always have for you: the best antique wedding bands. We are very happy with our latest: a 18 carat gold, nice and solid wedding band hallmarked for the year 1919. We will always have great rose diamond jewelry, one of our latest finds is such a lovely example: an antique gold ring with 15 rose cut diamonds in a marquise shaped setting. And of course we have yellow and white gold diamond stud earrings, because it is the best present for anyone and will never go out of style.
Antique gold wedding bandRose cut diamond antique gold ring marquise shapedWhite gold diamonds studs 0.80 ct


Come by and see if we have something for you or your loved ones. We hope to see you soon!

Rose diamond

The Antique Ring Shop and rose-cut diamonds

Rose-cut diamonds and Amsterdam have a history, and so do we! The diamond cutters in Antwerp and Amsterdam were known to be the best and the rose cut for diamonds has never really gone out of style. Read a bit more and browse our selection or rose diamond rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces.
Why we love cluster rings

Why we love cluster rings

Cluster rings come in many shapes and forms. A classic cluster rings is a round or oval diamond or coloured gemstone in the center, surrounded with a “halo” of round diamonds, or small pearls. They are very suitable as engagement rings and at The Antique Ring Shop we have a lot of them to choose from.
platinum ring with emerald and diamonds

Emerald engagement rings are a great choice

The classic engagement ring has only diamonds. Something more exotic and unique is a vintage or antique engagement ring with coloured gemstones, perhaps combined with diamonds. This time we would like to show you our vintage and antique gold rings with emeralds.
The Antique Ring Shop, antique and vintage jewellery shop in Amsterdam

The shops are opening again - and we hope to see you soon!

The shops are opening again soon and we hope to see you back in our antique jewellery shop in the heart of Amsterdam. With this post we hope to inspire you to come visit, so that we can help you pick your engagement ring or other piece of jewellery as a present for yourself or someone else. We look forward to seeing you and to extend our excellent customer service to you in person again.
What's going on at the Antique Ring shop

What's going on at the Antique Ring shop

Thanks to you we have made it through a tricky year and would like to take this opportunity to tell you how much we appreciate that,    

We have an impressive new collection and would be delighted to see you again. Make an appointment to come by and try on some of these beauties. 

Value for money and great service is what you will get at The Antique Ring Shop. 


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How hard is your gemstone?

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